Call for Speakers

Atlantic Canadian Game Developers,

GDA 2021 is looking for speakers at this year’s event! This year GDA is being held virtually on Friday, October, 22nd. Presentations will tentatively take place from 1pm to 6pm and each be roughly 35 minutes long. There will be two tracks running at the same time, allowing for at least 10 speakers at this year’s event.

This year’s conference will focus on the theme of ‘Growth’.

As disruption due to COVID-19 has forced big game studios and indies alike to adapt, we’ve seen a tremendous amount of new opportunities for growth. Gaming has swooped in to the gap left by other industries, offering a mix of resolutions and possibilities for several sectors to stay relevant throughout a series of shutdowns across many countries. Next generation consoles, AI-assisted game production processes, and the continuing applications of VR / AR are just some of the exciting industry trends we’re witnessing. Audiences for games have also expanded, and connecting to them has never been more important.

We have seen growth at a personal level this year too. People have taken advantage of the global pause in routine to shift gears, change their profession, or develop new skills; likewise mental health challenges have generally intensified and so we must find new strategies to remain happy and healthy. 

Growing sustainably is in the spotlight more than ever, with the world gripped in a climate emergency that is forcing leaders, policymakers and companies to address what ‘growth’ really means for our planet. It is also a time where our industry is steering towards improving our record on inclusion, diversity, and reconciliation. Together we’re asking more questions than ever, telling new stories, surfacing ones untold, and looking for alternative ways to grow.

Finally, what does growth mean in an Atlantic provinces context? Big acquisitions in the past year and increases in private sector funding could draw more talent from abroad and at home. A growing capacity to offer jobs would undoubtedly impact the East Coast positively. 

What else might our future hold? How else might we grow?

We are seeking a wide range of topics to be covered by this year’s presentations, however, we are particularly interested in the following themes:

⚓ Software Engineering
⚓ Art
⚓ Ethics in Video Games
⚓ Diversity & Accessibility
⚓ How to Start Creating
⚓ Marketing for Indies
⚓ Audio Design
⚓ Personal Development
⚓ AI / Machine Learning
⚓ Impacts of Remote Work

Furthermore, we are seeking speakers with high levels of expertise in technical fields in order to offer non-beginner level presentations.
If you have a topic that falls outside these themes, it may still be eligible for this year’s event!

To enquire about being a speaker, please contact!